Hello everyone. The inspiration for this space came from the idea that the three main pillars of happiness are built on a creative and content mind, healthy body, and financial wellness. My hope is I can provide from a genuine point of view tips that will spark creativity, motivate healthy decisions, assist with reducing stress, ideas to live within your means (ways to not only save money but also make money), and find joy in the other aspects of life such as travel, etc.

My hope is Bliss from Balance will give realistic tips to inspire and encourage you to improve your overall well-being. Know that health is not necessarily a number on a scale, that it’s important to check in with oneself (at least now and then), and to always put yourself first. Making sure you are content with your own life is the key to having happy and satisfying relationships with everyone around you.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Feel free to reach out to me as if you have any questions or even just to say hi.

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