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BFB Virtual Running Buddy Group

Are you looking for running motivation? Someone to talk about running with? Want to be a mentor or a mentee? This is the group for you.

What is the BFB Virtual Running Buddy Group?

Bliss from Balance’s virtual running buddy group is a program that matches you to a running buddy based on a quick google survey. This is an all-inclusive group that is open to everyone. Runners from beginners to advanced, fun runners to competitive runners, etc. are all welcome.

The BFB virtual running buddy group is also on Facebook and Strava. These are large supportive communities that you can join to discuss running challenges, wins, questions, or even just to share fun pictures of your latest run. We are all here to support each other. You can meet new buddies here as well.

What can I expect to get out of joining?

You will find a running buddy that you can connect with who will help you meet your goals. Whether it be running for fun, running for exercise, helping to keep you accountable, motivating you, interest in discussing racing or running performance – they will have similar goals as you. We are a diverse group but the google survey will help us match you best with a running buddy with similar interests.

We also plan to host buddy self-improvement challenges and virtual races. These will be creative ways to make running fun especially with the help of a buddy for support. No pressure if this isn’t your thing – it’s totally optional and you can express your preferences on the google survey. Stay tuned for more information.

How Do I Join?

Step 1: Please sign up for our email list below to receive a quick google survey form to fill out so we can partner you with a similar running buddy. Some example survey questions include your running preferences, running goals, why you run, what you are looking for in a running buddy, etc. This survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

In your inbox please check your “promotion” tab as this email might be sent there. After you fill out the buddy survey application you will be notified via email who you have been partnered with. Give us some time. We want to make the best match for you!

Step 2: Please make sure you received the google form and filled it out. After you’ve filled out the form please join our Facebook group if you have Facebook. If you have Strava, please join our Strava club.

Step 3: Share this with friends and family! This can only be an effective community if we have people interested in being running buddies.

What happens after I join?

We will initially match you to one running buddy, but there is no limit to the number of buddies you can have. Once you are matched you will be provided with similarities between you and your running buddy (such as apps you both use, similar running goals, or other ways we felt you’d be a good match) and off you go! Feel free to connect with your running buddy on your own and keep an eye out for buddy challenges or races.

If for some reason your running buddy does not work out, if you’d like more buddies (double or triple the motivation anyone?), or if you have any questions please reach out to bfbrunningbuddy@gmail.com.

This is a new program so we appreciate your patience. We are excited to bring the running community closer together and motivate each other.

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