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Honest In-Depth Obé Fitness Review

At-home workouts are at an all-time high and the number of options for how to get your workout in can be overwhelming. Most importantly, find what motivates you. Find classes you enjoy, instructors that resonate with you, and a platform that helps keep you accountable and motivated.

I have been using the obé fitness app for the past few months and feel that I’m in a good position to provide an honest in-depth review of who their classes are best suited for, how to make the most of the app, and how it compares to Peloton.

Spoiler: I love it, but understand these classes might not be for everyone. There is also room for a few improvements.

*Note this has been updated in October 2022 to reflect price and scheduling changes

Please note this post contains affiliate links. There is no difference in price if you decide to purchase, but note that I will receive a commission.

What is obé?

obé (pronounced like obey) stands for our body electric (a la Walt Whitman) and is a premium fitness network and community offering daily live and on-demand fitness classes. According to Fast Company, it was founded in May 2018 in Brooklyn to appeal to fans of boutique fitness classes. The instructors are New York based and many have boutique fitness or athletic backgrounds. obé has structured their classes into 4 categories:

Strength:  Sculpt, Pilates, Strength, Power, and Barre
Cardio: HIIT, Dance HIIT, Dance Cardio, Cardio Boxing, Bounce, Jump, and Ride
Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation
Activate and Recover: Warmup, Cool-down, Stretch, and Foam Roll

obé Fitness cost

There are a few different options when you subscribe to obé.

To make sure it’s for you, there is a free 7 day trial. After that, with this BLISS50 promo code you will get 50% off your first month of monthly membership. Try to take at least 5 classes a week (that is your goal that is tracked in the app!). After the first month, you have a few options.

Monthly Subscription: $24.99

Annual Subscription: $169.99 (comes out to $14.17/month or a savings of 43% compared to monthly)

In addition to better price savings, the quarterly and annual subscriptions also have special access to exclusive classes. These include popular mash-up classes (my favorite) which combine two types of classes such as dance + sculpt, power + HIIT, etc.

In my opinion the price is well worth it for the amount and variety of classes, which are available both live and on demand. In NYC a single studio class can range from $30-40 on average. One month of obé is less than the price of one studio class!

Class lengths (perfect for any schedule)

With a live schedule usually of 10+ classes a day, there is likely a class available at your favorite workout time. Live classes normally start at 6am EST and end around 6pm EST (this depends on the day of the week). While I highly recommend the live classes, there is also an on demand library with over 10,000+ classes available if the times don’t work for you.

Traditional class length is 28 minutes but there are shorter variations (10 minutes if you’re looking to sneak in a quick workout) or longer 45 or 60 minute versions. I personally love the 45 minutes, but if I’m really feeling challenged, 60 minutes (or taking two 28 minutes back to back) are perfect.

Classes for all levels and life stages

No matter if you consider yourself beginner or advanced, obé allows you to filter to the right workout for your intensity. They also offer a ton of “specialized” classes if you are pregnant, recently gave birth, have kids, or are a senior (perfect for sharing your subscription with the whole household!).

If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, obé has your back with a large offering of prenatal and postnatal classes. Collectively there are currently over 200+ classes available on demand. The classes range from strength, sculpt, core work, power, etc. with call-outs to help you modify your workouts.

obé also offers some kids and seniors classes. Kids classes tend to be short (10 minutes) and cover dance, strength, yoga, and more. The senior classes are also short (generally 15 minutes) and focus on low impact workouts.

Who obé is good for

With a neon lightbox usually filled with warm pastel colors and pumping current hits music, there is no mistaking obé’s target audience: women (particularly millennials). The bubbly nature of most instructors is extremely motivating, but potentially can be off-putting to some people. If you prefer more militaristic instruction (think Barry’s Bootcamp) you might be missing it a bit here, but try one of their HIIT classes and it will bring you right back to that type of intensity.

Although these classes might appeal primarily to women, some men will definitely enjoy them as well. My husband has taken a few classes with me (primarily strength and power classes) and agrees they are challenging workouts. Although he would probably not subscribe on his own (the music isn’t really his thing, or the social aspect), there are certainly men who will enjoy obé.

If you are looking for spin or running classes, unfortunately obé does not offer them. However, if you are a runner, they offer classes that are perfect for strength and cross-training.

If you think obé might be for you, try it out for free. You get a free 7 day trial, and then after that, with this BLISS50 promo code you will get 50% off your first month of monthly membership.

Favorite obé classes

obé offers so many classes, it can be hard to choose my favorites. However, there are a few that I really enjoy.

Looking for an energizing morning workout? Here is a post on my top 3 morning workouts (2 of which are available on obé!)

Cardio Boxing

I love these classes. They are no impact (so no need for gloves or a bag), just quick movements with your hands and feet. These classes will seriously elevate your heart rate. If you are looking to let your aggression or emotions out, these classes are perfect. This is my favorite cardio class on the app because they are just so fun and do not feel like cardio.

Hard AF Pilates

I have a love-hate relationship with pilates. The core workout is just so effective, but so so hard. Hard AF Pilates takes it to a new level by incorporating sliders, bands, and light weights. These classes are reminiscent of megaformer classes such as Solid Core and SLT, where you will definitely shake and feel toned.


To me, the power class is like a child of strength and HIIT. It combines strength movements done quickly and in sequences reminiscent of HIIT (but with heavier weights and not high impact). There is almost a fanatic following for Kat E.’s power hour with good reason. They are intense and you will feel so good when you are done. Keep an eye on the live schedule for her full hour classes or back to back 28 minute classes.


If you ever feel like obé classes are easy, try one of their HIIT classes. Some instructors are more intense than others (try Dorian C. for a challenge!), but in all of these classes you will definitely get a good sweat on. The structure varies but they always follow the general HIIT structure of a sequence of movements with either rest or low intensity moves as short breaks. HIIT is one of my favorite classes to get an effective cardio burn.


If you are looking for a good toning low impact workout, sculpt is it. There is also a variant called “yoga sculpt” which integrates some yoga moves with weights. I love these workouts for toning and on the days where I want something slightly less intense.


Barre is one of those classes where I need video instruction to make sure my form is set up correctly. obé’s barre classes are motivating, informative, and you will definitely feel the burn with the small repetitive movements. Classes often use a barre ball and light weights but substitutes can also be used (try a pillow and soup cans for some starter ideas!).

Best obé fitness class tips

obe app on mobile phone with fitness band and weight

How to get stronger, healthier, and potentially lose weight with obé

Just as with any fitness routine, in order to lose weight it should be paired with healthy eating. It’s really, really difficult to out-run or out-workout a poor diet. That being said, combined with healthy eating obé is an outstanding workout program that could lead to weight loss.

obé recommends 5 classes per a week and has a goal tracker in app. Of those, they feel 3 strength and 2 cardio classes are the most effective. This is a great balance and easily done with the variety and number of classes they have available live and on-demand.

To get the most out of the app, add live classes to your calendar. This will keep you accountable. When you do your strength classes, choose heavyweights. Challenge yourself. You can always drop down to lighter weights (or no weights) if your muscles begin to fatigue.

Get involved in the obé community. Consider joining their Facebook group or posting to their instagram (they might repost you in between their live classes). Find other obé members who will support you in your weight loss or fitness journey.

Try workout parties with your friends. This functionality allows you to be on video with other invitees (the instructor can’t see you, but they do know if workout parties are going on, making it likely to get a shout out!)

If you are having trouble staying consistent, try a program. These are curated classes obé plans out for you over a set number of days (can be as short as 7 days to 30 days). There are programs for beginners, runners, specific muscle focus areas, yoga, endorphins, and more.

Take a variety of classes and find the ones you enjoy! I find obé to be more effective than other apps because I work harder since the instructors are incredibly motivating. Their workouts are fun, and I’m never bored.

If you think obé might be for you, try it out for free. You get a free 7 day trial, and then after that, with this BLISS50 promo code you will get 50% off your first month of monthly membership.

No equipment needed (but it’s worth it to level up)

Classes are tagged with the equipment needed, making it super easy to find classes. There are many classes that do not require equipment. Even if equipment is tagged in the class, the instructors usually will provide readily available home substitutes (or you can simply do the move without it).

I love using equipment because it is more of a challenge and keeps classes interesting. You can get an effective workout without it, but if you have it, you will love using it!

Looking for some more fitness equipment ideas if you have a small workout area? Check out my post on the best small space workout equipment.

What keeps classes exciting and effectively work different muscles is the variety of equipment that’s used. Some of my favorite classes and examples of equipment used:

  • “Hard AF” Pilates: many of these classes use sliders. These will completely burn out your core and are reminiscent of megaformer classes like Solidcore and SLT.
  • Barre: Light 1-3lb hand weights and barre ball. It surprises me every time how difficult light weights can be with repetitive movements, and the barre ball can really build stronger leg and core muscles.
  • Strength & Power: Heavy dumbells. These classes actually make lifting heavy fun and leaves you feeling super accomplished.
  • Bounce: Trampoline. Admittedly I do not have a trampoline so haven’t been able to try these classes yet, but these classes make me want to get one. Having taken trampoline classes in a boutique studio I can say with certainty you will break a sweat in these classes.
  • Yoga Sculpt: Ankle weights/bands. These classes always surprise me with how high my heart rate goes and how effectively they target my glutes. I recommend if you are buying ankle weights go light since they will feel very heavy quickly.

obé versus Peloton

obé and Peloton have some similarities but also a few key differences. They are both leaders in the at-home workout fitness videos that require a subscription. The price of the subscription though can vary. All rates below are adjusted for a monthly rate.

obé versus Peloton Pricing

For those unfamiliar with Peloton, an All Access subscription is needed if you have any of their hardware (bike or treadmill) in order to see stats on the machine and participate in classes. If you do not have their hardware you can subscribe to a Digital subscription at a reduced rate, which allows you to take all their class offerings.

obéPeloton All AccessPeloton Digital
Monthly Rate$24.99$44$12.99
Annual (adj. monthly rate)$14.17n/an/a

obé Pros versus Peloton

  • If you are a boutique studio fan that likes a variety of classes, obé dominates the space. Peloton is trying to catch up by introducing pilates and barre classes, but the variety and number of classes offered are in no way comparable to obé (except for the number one disadvantage below!)
  • obé offers classes suitable for the whole family such as prenatal, postnatal, kids, and seniors.
  • obé has a bright and motivating studio setting in the neon-colored box. Peloton tends to be a more formal, mood lighting setting in the studio.
  • obé fitness instructors are relatable and (in my opinion) more down to earth. They don’t wear heavy makeup or feel like they are putting a show on for you. For many of them, you feel like they could be a close friend outside of being your fitness instructor.
  • Motivating pop, dance, hip hop, etc. music that are well suited for working out. Music is a major element for my workouts, and I’ve always enjoyed and found their music selection motivating.
  • Detailed class descriptions in obé’s app really help me decide which class I’m in the mood for that day if I am taking an on demand class.
  • If you have a Peloton bike or treadmill and are on their All Access membership, obé’s monthly membership is cheaper. See below if you are looking for digital classes only.

obé Cons versus Peloton

  • Price advantage depends if you own a Peloton bike/treadmill. If you are only interested in taking Peloton’s classes (digital membership) obé is more expensive. Subscribing to an annual plan, however, will get the price down within a few dollars of the Peloton monthly digital membership price.
  • obé smart technology is still catching up to Peloton. They are making strides, but there are no integrations with smart watches. Peloton has a strong smart watch integration including class countdown timing, heart rate monitoring, and app linkage. Peloton also has great social integration with your friends to see their riding stats.
  • Although I love the music obé chooses (since I find pop music motivating when working out), if you are looking for variety such as country, classic rock, etc. they are few and far between. Occasionally there are music-themed classes offered, but Peloton has much more music variety and description of what music is played in class.
  • As a general statement, I find Peloton instructors to be more diverse than obé instructors. I believe both apps can improve in this area, but think obé will need to work harder at this.

Where obé and Peloton both win

  • Strong community. obé’s social presence is huge especially in their obé fam Facebook group and Instagram (where they frequently repost, engage with their community, and feature Instagram posts in between live class broadcasts). Peloton also has a strong Facebook group for Peloton members and a sense of community on Instagram.
  • Live class engagement and class shout outs on both platforms are extremely motivating.
  • Easy to use apps with detailed filters make taking the right class in both apps seamless.

Is obé worth it? (+ a promo code to try)

At the end of the day, an at home fitness workout platform is only worth it if it motivates you to work out and you find joy in it. For me, obé definitely accomplishes that. I love the variety of boutique fitness classes and for the price of less than one studio class, I can subscribe to a full month of obé’s workouts. I find the music and instructors incredibly motivating, and find myself working out harder with them than at the gym or on my own with other apps. Changing up and using different equipment makes it always interesting, and there are always so many live or on-demand classes available.

However, as a runner and cardio buff (it’s a love-hate relationship), I can understand why some might stick with Peloton, especially if you own their bike or treadmill. They dominate the cardio spin/run space, just as obé dominates the other class types. If you are not into video classes, bubbly personalities, or current hits music, obé also might not be for you.

If you have the budget for it, I highly recommend giving both a try, at least for one month. Compared to boutique studio classes or gym memberships, both of these monthly subscriptions are more affordable, so you can’t lose there!

If you think obé might be for you, try it out for free. You get a free 7 day trial, and then after that, with this BLISS50 promo code you will get 50% off your first month of monthly membership.

Let me know your thoughts on obé. Are you a current member or is it a fitness platform you can see yourself joining?


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