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How to Have Fun Home Workouts with Youtube Videos

Staying active at home can be difficult if you are new to fitness, or if you are used to an outdoor routine. Understanding what classes are available to you and what equipment is necessary is the first step to having an effective and fun home workout. The best parts of working out from home are you get to try out new things, no need for much (if any) equipment, and you can do it around your schedule.

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Find Your Favorite Fitness Classes: Are you an Audio or Visual person?

To stay motivated with your at-home workout, I highly recommend taking an audio or video class, at least to start. Once you learn the correct form (particularly for strength training), then you can work out on your own. These classes are guaranteed to teach you the basics and push you to work harder, so you in turn feel even more fulfilled at the end of each class.

Free Youtube Video Based Workouts

Youtube, for many, is the most accessible option for working out. It’s free and you can cast it to numerous devices with Chromecast or directly to a smart TV. If you are more of an app person, you might prefer my post on my favorite fitness apps here. Check out my favorite youtube classes and what equipment might be helpful for each one.

305 Fitness:

Dance cardio might be the most fun way to do cardio at home

All you need is your favorite water bottle and a gym towel and you can get your cardio on with 305 Fitness. This fun class is with instructor Amit and features her lovely sister. I love the authenticity of this studio’s videos. These classes are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and the sweat going. Getting your daily dose of cardio can be difficult at home, particularly if you have a small space, but these classes are perfect. You’ll end each class with an endorphin high, and it won’t even feel like a workout with the pumping music and fun vibes.

Bonus points for 305 Fitness: they are currently holding live workouts twice a day on their Youtube channel. If you are looking for a social atmosphere that is sometimes missing in digital classes, I highly advise you to try one. You can chat with your classmates and instructors during down-time and it’s such a great sense of community.

Yoga with Adrienne:

Now is the time to learn the basics, or for me, more advanced moves. A headstand is on my list.

Yoga with Adrienne is one of the most popular yoga instructors on youtube for good reason. From beginner to advanced, she has it all. The videos are segmented by practice time, muscle or body focus areas, and there is a whole series for beginners as well.

Moving my workouts predominantly at home has given me the time to focus on what I would never do in a normal yoga class. This means hard moves, such as headstands. In class, instructors often can’t explore these advanced moves. There just isn’t enough time, unless if it is part of your practice and you can integrate it into your flow on your own. This Youtube video shows the first steps for how to safely get into a headstand as well as how to build strength for it.

Will I be able to do a headstand by the time the New York City stay at home restriction is lifted? That’s my goal!

There’s not much needed for yoga, mainly a good quality mat. The Prolite yoga mat from Manduka is my favorite and is well worth the money. I’ve had it for about 3 years now and it still feels brand new. I don’t foresee it wearing out any time soon either.

PopSugar Fitness:

Full body toning workout featuring the most versatile at-home equipment: a fitness band

Popsugar Fitness has every type of workout video under the sun. They have beginner videos, videos by body area (abs, glutes, arms, and more), dance videos, and so on. There are also body-weight only workouts that are extremely effective.

Sometimes I am in the mood for something a bit more than bodyweight. This video focuses on using exercise bands, which have become one of my favorite pieces of at-home workout equipment. The bands come in different intensities, so you can adjust if it is too hard or easy. Best of all: they are so easy to use, lightweight, and multifunctional. You can definitely bring it to the gym with you, so it’s not just useful at home.

These fitness bands from Amazon have been one of my most used pieces of at-home workout equipment.

Pop Pilates:

Upper body strength toning is more fun and easy with home friendly weights

Staying at home can really limit you to certain work out equipment. Cassey Ho of Blogilates put together this fun arm workout routine using equipment you can find around your house. Wine bottles, soup cans, or water bottles can all be substituted as dumbells. This is an effective arm workout and you can’t help but laugh when you see a professional fitness trainer working out with wine bottles.

If you’d prefer dumbells over household items, there are some options available. I have to admit, after watching this video I was scared of her dropping those wine bottles (or does that give her more incentive to hold them?). If you want to give dumbells a try this pair from Target is fun and colorful.

Audio Based Workouts

Not everyone is into visually led classes. You might prefer audio workouts for various reasons. If you don’t have access to a TV or don’t want to stare at a tiny phone screen (better yet if your workout is outside, or you want to stare out a window), then I highly recommend giving Aaptiv a try. It has thousands of classes including yoga, strength, running, and more. If you are particular about your workout music (who isn’t?) Aaptiv has an incredible variety of music genres. I’ve used Aaptiv for running training before and found the instructors extremely motivating, it’s like having a personal trainer in your ear. If you’re interested in trying it out they are offering a free trial here.

Not into Youtube, or any of these classes? Don’t sweat it. I have a list of my favorite apps and classes here, available on multiple platforms.

Wear the right gear:

Activewear that can double as loungewear is perfect for at-home workouts

Fitness gear you are wearing at home has to be comfortable and easy to move in. If you wouldn’t want to lounge in it too, then there’s no point in it being at-home gear! Bonus points if you can wear it outside the house.

There are a few staples if you are a woman looking for comfortable at-home gear. Check out a few of my favorite picks from Adidas.

A free-flowing tank is essential, and this one has a low cut back that makes me want to wear it outside and not just during an at-home workout. Shorts that are super comfortable and fun are also perfect for lounging and working out in. No matter if you are at home or at a studio, a comfortable high top bra is essential. It can double as a top, too. The perfect at-home gear wouldn’t be complete with sweats, which can easily transition to be comfortable errand running pants.

Did you enjoy these videos? Found any of the gear useful? Let me know!


  • Pam Wattenbarger

    I’ve been trying some in home belly dance lessons during the quarantine. It helps pass the time and helps me stay in shape!

    • Michelle

      I tried insanity once and it was super challenging. Totally agree it’s a great homeworkout and should stick with whatever works best for you.

    • Michelle

      It really is! I haven’t seriously dug into youtube much either until recently. Even if none of those videos I mentioned appeal to you, chances are there are other videos that would.

    • Michelle

      There is so much available! Even if none of those videos resonate with you I am sure you will find something that is more your speed πŸ™‚

    • Michelle

      You do you! It’s all about balance, and being in quarantine is hard. I’m eating much more than I normally do too, but trying to spend a few extra moments to get a workout in does make my body feel better πŸ™‚

  • Bruce DeMustchine

    My stepdaughter introduced Yoga with Adrienne to her mother and I and I must admit, I’m now a believer in the power of yoga on the mind, body, and spirit. She’s amazing. Thanks for getting her name out there even more through this article!

    • Michelle

      So glad you enjoy her classes! I love her down to earth personality, and she has such a wide range of classes that are good for everyone.

    • Michelle

      It doesn’t feel like exercise when you’re dancing! 305 Fitness is definitely out there (I don’t know if I could take it in person) but when you’re at home there’s no better place to let loose πŸ™‚

  • Heather

    These are great sites! I have been watching/doing yoga videos on Youtube with the kids that have been fun. I need to try more cardio videos.

    • Michelle

      Having kids is a workout in itself! Cardio has been a challenge for me indoors since I prefer running, but dance videos and some Popsugar videos have made it fun.

  • Beth

    My kids work out to YouTube videos regularly, but I haven’t ever thought to look one for one that is appropriate for my fitness level. I should give it a try!

    • Michelle

      Definitely take a look! There are so many videos available it was hard to narrow them down, and there’s definitely something for everybody.

  • Chef Dennis

    Youtube videos are really helpful and they make your workouts really fun. I will share this with my wife. We might find omething that we both will like. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle

      I hope you find something you like! And if you don’t (there were so many it was difficult to narrow down) definitely take a look at youtube, there’s a variety of workouts for all levels.

    • Michelle

      Especially if you are home, you might be surprised by what works for you! I’m not into dance cardio at all, but actually had a lot of fun with it. And if none of these are up your alley (no hurt feelings – workout interests can vary by person) there are plenty more available on youtube.

  • Sara LaFountain

    My daughter and I have been doing some fun YouTube workouts. We usually end them with laughter because we look so ridiculous. At least we are having fun!

    • Michelle

      Working out should be fun! I love it – we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. I usually end up laughing at myself too, especially when I’m doing silly moves with dance cardio.

  • Rosemary

    Nice selection of videos. I’m a fan of yoga with Adriene and I’ve also done a few Pop Sugar workout videos…killer! I’m going to check out your other youtube options to add some variety.

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