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FlipBelt Review: Must Have Running Belt

It’s a difficulty all runners have to face: how to carry belongings on a run. Figuring out how to hold your phone, key, and other valuables can be a challenge. There are so many running accessories on the market, it can be overwhelming. Highly rated gear might work for one person but not the next (take it from me, I purchased the highest-rated running belt on Amazon a few years ago only to donate it quickly). One of the best pieces of gear and my personal favorite running purchase to date is the FlipBelt. It is a snug belt that like you are wearing nothing and has room to hold everything you need.

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What is the FlipBelt

FlipBelt is a snug but comfortable belt made out of stretchy material similar to thick leggings. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as a few different versions. The classic version has no zipper. To store your belongings there are small slits in the fabric that allows you to slip in your phone, keys (there is a keyring), and other valuables. Since the material is so snug nothing will fall out if it’s securely placed in the slot.

The best part of the FlipBelt is it does not bounce and does not chafe. This is a common issue in many belts, including one of the top rated running belts with water bottles on Amazon. Don’t make the mistake I did and waste money on a belt that doesn’t have a snug fit.

FlipBelt Zippers vs No Zipper

The type of FlipBelt that works best for you depends on your needs, budget, and security concerns. If you are looking to carry many large objects or are price sensitive, a classic FlipBelt might suit you better. If you prefer more security for your valuables and knowing they definitely cannot fall out (this was my preference) the zipper version is perfect. The zipper compartment is a good size, although a large cell phone will likely not fit. I am able to keep my credit card, cash, and earbud case comfortably in the zipper slot.

There is also a slight price difference between the two versions. Prices can vary based on retailer and reductions, but currently on the official site and Amazon the classic is $29 and the zipper version is $36.

Classic FlipBelt

Zipper FlipBelt

FlipBelt Sizing

Choosing the right size for your FlipBelt is key. Follow the fit guide provided by FlipBelt to determine the best size for you. If you are in-between sizes, size down. It should fit snug and not ride up. Since the material is stretchy, the slightly smaller size is more likely to fit and stretch. The only negative review I heard was from a friend who chose a size too big, which resulted in it bouncing around uncomfortably.

FlipBelt Tips and Tricks

When you are running, you tend to lean forward. You are also raising your legs, which can contribute to the belt tilting. If something is prone to slide, like a gel or hardcover on a phone, I recommend putting it in the front pockets. Heavier or larger objects that aren’t prone to slide can be placed towards the back of the belt. I would not place credit cards or other valuables in here without putting it in a plastic bag or small wallet, which can help prevent them from slipping out.

Use the keyring for your keys, or if you have the zipper slot place it in there. I’ve also used the keyring to carry other objects that have a hole or ring, such as small pepper spray.

Just like any clothing or accessory you wear when you run, the FlipBelt will eventually need to be washed. Luckily, it is moisture-wicking. Place it in a delicates bag and it can easily be thrown in the wash. I personally like to hang dry mine to help preserve the fabric, although FlipBelt says it can also be tumble dried as well.

Other FlipBelt Accessories

The FlipBelt is not just a belt for storing your valuables.

FlipBelt Running Light

If you run when it’s dark, it’s important to stay visible. Having a light source is one of the best ways to stay safe and seen. FlipBelt offers a handy light source accessory that can easily be slipped into your belt anytime you go for a run in the dark.

FlipBelt Water Bottles

These water bottles are specifically designed to slip easily in and out of a FlipBelt. They are curved and can come in two sizes, 6 ounce and 11 ounce. I prefer the smaller 6 ounce so I can fit two in my belt and have found they do not jiggle or slide at all.

FlipBelt Shorts and FlipBelt Bib Attachment

FlipBelt also offers their technology built into other apparel besides belts, such as shorts. Although I haven’t tried these myself they are well reviewed and look extremely comfortable.

If you race and want to avoid holes in your clothes (or FlipBelt) consider the bib attachment. It could also be used to hold items you want to hang outside the belt, like pepper spray.

Not Just a Running Belt

Although FlipBelt is the perfect running belt, it can be used for other activities. It is extremely comfortable and can hold items you need conveniently. If you are traveling and want to secure items close to your body, or want to keep certain items readily accessible like your phone, the belt is a great option. Hiking, concerts, and amusement parks are some other great places to use the FlipBelt.

Where to Buy a FlipBelt

FlipBelt can be bought at a few retailers, such as Amazon and their official site.

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Do you have the FlipBelt currently or are you thinking of getting one? Let me know what your favorite running belt is.


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