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    Fun Ways to Socialize with Friends and Family Online

    With more people staying at home, there’s never been more of a need to connect with each other digitally. New options are springing up, and older apps are getting a surge in new visitors. Start with what most of your…

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    3 Tips to Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

    It’s that time of the year: the weather is getting warmer, which also means more pollen is being produced as trees and flowers bloom. If you have outdoor allergies, spring can be a difficult season to get through. Scratchy throat,…

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    10 Ideas for Finding Balance in a COVID-19 Anxious World

    We have every right to feel anxious, stressed, crazed, depressed, etc. during this international pandemic. It's a crazy, unthinkable world we could never have imagined. Everyone's situation is wholly unique and complex, but what's most important is putting your health…

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    3 Tips for Having a Dog in a City

    If you live in a major city and are interested in buying or adopting a new dog, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind. It’s especially important to choose the right breed, no matter if you…

  • Portugal Azores Lakes

    How to Make Money Selling Stock Photos, for Beginners

    As an amateur photographer I was looking for ways to enjoy and practice my photography skills while making some money on the side. One “easy” way is stock photography. All it requires is a DSLR and some photo editing software…

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    What to Eat and Where to Stay On a Budget in Tokyo

    With an extensive honeymoon planned, we wanted to stay within a reasonable budget for our first stop in Tokyo. We had been there previously and knew it was our favorite city, but our main splurge would come later in the…

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    Tips for Preventing Winter Blues and Fatigue

    For those of us who have to deal with cloudy, dark, and cold winters it sometimes can affect our moods. It’s harder to wake up in the morning, it constantly feels dark, and you overall might just feel a little…

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    Hello everyone. The inspiration for this space came from the idea that the three main pillars of happiness are built on a creative and content mind, healthy body, and financial wellness. My hope is I can provide from a genuine…