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Best Peloton Gift Ideas

Have a friend or family member with a Peloton spin bike? If so, you likely know about it – owning one can be hard to keep to yourself. The Peloton bike can be a life-changing piece of fitness equipment, depending on who you ask. Whether it be for a birthday or holiday, these unique Peloton gift ideas will help motivate or inspire whoever receives them (even if it’s a gift for yourself!)

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Inspiring Home Fitness Decor

There is nothing like some motivational words to give some positive energy during workouts. Wall decals are hugely popular in home gyms and easy to apply. If you want to take it up a notch, neon signs are fun reason to dim the lights so you (or your gift recipient) can really feel like you are in a Peloton studio.

Peloton Wall Organizers

There is no feeling like having an organized home gym. With the Peloton bike you will want a place for your spin shoes and bike towels. That is just the start of it – it is only a matter of time until you will need to find a place for a yoga mat, weights, a workout band, or more. These home gym organizers have a dedicated space for everything.

Fun Affordable Peloton Gifts

Looking for something on the smaller side, more affordable, or something you know they will cherish? There are some fun spin bike related gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, and ornaments. Here are a few ideas that would be perfect for any Peloton lover.

Unique Peloton Accessories

These accessories are unique to the Peloton bike and can make great gifts for any recipient (or a treat yourself gift!)

Peloton Toe Cages

Peloton toe cages can be one of the most useful gifts for any Peloton fan. You have likely seen or used them on gym spin bikes. Toe cages allow you to easily slip your sneakers into the straps and immediately start peddling – no need to clip in with special spin shoes. If your giftee lives with a roommate, significant other, older children, etc. toe cages can be extremely useful. They are also perfect for those that enjoy bike boot camp classes, which require you to hop on and off the bike quickly, making it super simple to switch positions. Seniors or people with limited mobility might also find toe cages essential.

To make sure toe cages are compatible with the recipient’s Peloton bike, look specifically for “Delta pedals” that fit the version of the bike (bike or bike+). There are also a few different varieties. Some toe cages attach fully and securely to the pedal. If you want to switch to shoes, you can loosen the tension and disconnect them. The other variety is dual-sided, one side with a cage and the other with clips, which might be better if you have multiple people switching often between sneakers and clipping in.

Peloton Swivel Screen

This gift is perfect for anyone with the original bike (the bike+ screen has a built-in swivel). If you or the gift recipient are into boot camp classes, this gift allows you to work out with enough space near the bike. Depending on the layout of the room, being able to move the screen can also let you easily do other workouts without the need to invest in a TV.

Bike Friendly Towels & Fans

Have a friend or family member that is always sweaty? This towel is the perfect gift to help keep their handlebars clean and grippable during a workout. Bundle the towel with a spin bike-friendly fan to make the perfect gift.

Phone Holder

Although you likely won’t be chatting on the phone during a Peloton workout, having access to your phone can be important for emergencies or peace of mind. Here are some phone mounts that easily clip to your handlebars to make sure you have easy access and visibility to your phone.

Seat Cushion

If you are new to spinning, this gift will likely be welcomed with open arms. It takes some time to build up a tolerance to the bike seat, but having a comfortable seat cushion can definitely help ease the transition. Even for the pros, having a seat cushion might be the luxurious gift they didn’t know they needed.

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Did you find any of these Peloton spin bike gift ideas interesting? Let me know your thoughts!

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