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7 Ways to Stay Active on Vacation (Without Going to the Gym)

We’ve all been there, we arrive at the hotel and take a peak at the hotel gym. Sometimes, if it’s in your routine, it’s easy to go: just wake up early and hopefully find a machine or two to get your workout in. If this is you, there is nothing wrong with that! If it’s not, no need to worry about how you’ll fit in a gym session with your busy travel schedule. Here are some tips on staying active while still being out-and-about on vacation

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Pass on Public Transit and Taxis

Especially if you are visiting an urban city, walking is the best way to take it all in. Who knows when you will uncover something special: an unmapped statue, a lovely park, a unique boutique. Some things can’t be found on google maps, and are made even more meaningful when you discover them on your own.

Take the Stairs

Don’t take the elevator, opt for the stairs. Some places, like the Eiffel Tower, will even give you a discount if you opt to take the stairs (don’t worry – it’s only half-way!). Even if you’re in a hotel on a low floor, sometimes it will make you feel more accomplished if you walk up a few flights to your room.

Find Fun Activities That Help You Stay Active

Into biking? Rent a bike to explore a park or city. Try kayaking or surfing if you are near water. Hiking is a great option if you are in a beautiful area, and if there’s a hill or two, take on the challenge! Feeling adventurous? Rock climbing will definitely get your blood pumping.

Spend A Half or Full Day at the Museum

You would be astounded how many steps you will take in some large museums. On top of that, admiring artwork keeps you on your feet. All it takes is a half or full day and you’ll be meeting your move and stand goal in no time and without even realizing it.

Go Shopping

Is this just an excuse to go shopping? Depending on the city or area, you would be surprised how many steps you’ll get in as you explore shops. Try to go to different neighborhoods and stop in different stores as “breaks”.

Go on a Walking Tour

Walking tours combine the best of all words. They are a great way to see a city, get the history, and are affordable. On top of that, you’ll definitely get your steps in. If you are in Europe I recommend Sandemans as a good walking tour option.

Bring some small and packable workout equipment

A gym might not be available depending on your accommodations, or you might not be feeling up for going. It’s easy to bring the workout to your room. Pack a few small and light pieces of fitness equipment to get an easy workout in the comfort of your room. These are my favorites.

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