• Close up of peloton spin bike front wheel and peloton brand on side
    General Workout Tips

    Best Peloton Gift Ideas

    Have a friend or family member with a Peloton spin bike? If so, you likely know about it – owning one can be hard to keep to yourself. The Peloton bike can be a life-changing piece of fitness equipment, depending…

  • girl sitting cross legged yoga pose white bedroom
    Yoga & Other Low Impact

    Benefits of Slow Flow Yoga

    Slow flow yoga is perfect for beginners but is also an extremely valuable practice for advanced yoga practitioners. If you are used to doing fast-paced yoga, slowing it down can be eye-opening. Poses might feel different and can be even…

  • frozen yogurt bar with chocolate and craisins on grey plate
    Healthy Recipes

    Healthy Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

    This easy frozen Greek yogurt bar recipe has become one of my favorite go-to snacks. It’s healthier and more affordable than buying frozen desserts at the grocery store. It is the perfect balance of fruity, chocolatey, and creamy. It’s really…

  • obe on mobile phone with weights and band
    General Workout Tips

    Honest In-Depth Obé Fitness Review

    At-home workouts are at an all-time high and the number of options for how to get your workout in can be overwhelming. Most importantly, find what motivates you. Find classes you enjoy, instructors that resonate with you, and a platform…

  • kale chickpea soup with bread
    Healthy Recipes

    Easy Healthy Kale and Chickpea Soup

    This easy one-pot kale and chickpea soup is packed with protein and nutrients. It is a rustic soup that pairs perfectly with crusty bread. To make it vegetarian or vegan, just use vegetable broth. Ready in less than thirty minutes,…